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The Game Marketer assisted Dutch studio – Team Wood, with Press and Influencer marketing for their mobile sensation – Super Auto Pets.

With a core goal of increasing sentiment in the market, our efforts saw key creators and publications offer their feedback on the title leading to new reviews and players as such.

200 +

Creators Onboarded

25 +


1500 +

New Players Acquired

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The Game Marketer Super Auto Pets Case Study


We prioritised talent that firstly was respective of the demographics in which player sentiment was the weakest. Targeting influencers that offered the deepest connection with their audience would allow for the strongest conversion.

The Game Marketer Super Auto Pets Case Study


Our strategy with the press was to focus on mobile publications, that would offer the most valuable insight into the mobile landscape and the key attributes that players on this platform would seek out for an auto battler title.