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Step into the vibrant world of mobile gaming with TapNation — the leading French mobile games publisher, developer, and all-round tech innovators! We are proud to be part of the dynamic force behind the firm’s overarching brand strategy, PR, and content writing.

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The Game Marketer TapNation Case Study

PR & Communications

We've crafted compelling press releases that showcase their attendance at major events, the launch of exciting titles, epic milestones, and game-changing collaborations with tech pioneers like the Sandbox Metaverse. Our targeted mailers, fueled by our extensive contact database and top-tier copywriting skills, ensure that these stories reach the right audiences worldwide. Oh, and no worries about language barriers - we've got translations covered for French and Chinese-speaking networks.

The Game Marketer TapNation Case Study

Content Writing

Engaging blog-posts, captivating website copy, and thrilling content - we've got it all covered for TapNation. Our collaboration has led us to define unique content strategies, advising on video creation and setting the perfect tone-of-voice. With the help of our experienced copywriters, we've highlighted the latest tech innovations in the mobile games industry, from AI-powered gameplay to the influence of Wednesday Addams on game development!

The Game Marketer TapNation Case Study

Brand Strategy

As TapNation's trusted partners, we've worked tirelessly to define an effective brand strategy that speaks directly to their worldwide audience. Whether it's crafting the perfect tone of voice or planning out exciting activities for game launches and events, we ensure that their brand essence resonates powerfully with gamers everywhere.

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"I really like the way we are doing things right now, the Trello is always so clear. Thank you!"

Philippe Grazina