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Increase general awareness of PlayCrowd, increase downloads and increase the number of weekly downloads of the app.


Drive downloads of PlayCrowd and look at increasing retention and reducing churn of players. Increase cost-per-install (CPI) for the paid ads and use influencer marketing to get content made around the game.


The two main focuses are paid ad campaigns and influencer marketing. Formulate a marketing strategy and timeline to map out what the overall marketing campaign will look like, and set the campaign in motion.

7 M


320 K


90 %

Download Increase

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The Game Marketer Playcrowd Case Study

Paid Media

When looking at paid media for this campaign, we knew that creating engaging and informative ads were going to be key to ensuring the best ROI and results for our client. We first looked at the assets available to us, and then set about creating GIFs and videos that were used in paid ads and on our client’s social media. By creating these new, engaging assets we were able to ensure that the ads were going to be attention-grabbing. We then set about compiling target audiences and lookalike audiences for our paid ads, tracking and analysing data in Google Analytics to ensure the best possible results for the paid ad campaign.

The Game Marketer Playcrowd Case Study


The approach that The Game Marketer took when looking at influencer marketing was focused around free coverage for the app. The way that this worked, was by creating a long list of over 500 influencers whose content met the criteria that we outlined and putting together an email outreach campaign to contact them about covering PlayCrowd in a video. The Game Marketer also advised on helped to oversee the creation of the implementation of an affiliate deal for the PlayCrowd app.

The influencer campaign was a success and saw some positive content made on PlayCrowd, bringing the app to a new audience of people. The influencer marketing campaign contributed to boosting the number of weekly downloads for the game and helping to reduce player churn.

The Game Marketer Playcrowd Case Study

The Results

By looking at the campaign from the two angles of paid ad strategy and influencer marketing, The Game Marketer was able to oversee a rise in weekly downloads for PlayCrowd, reducing CPI and helping to reduce player churn in the process. By carefully tracking and analysing data from the paid ad campaigns, The Game Marketer was able to constantly adapt and evolve the targeting of the paid ads, and ensured that this campaign was a successful one. When pairing the paid ad campaign with the success of the influencer marketing campaign, the overall success of the marketing strategy meant that goals and targets were reached and achieved.