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Divide and Conquer

The Game Marketer assisted the Polish studio – Klabater, on their title Orbit Industries. Core to our efforts were Influencer Marketing, Press Management, and General Strategy.

Our Influencer and Press frameworks alongside a technically outstanding game encouraged incredible sentiment across focus areas and measurable increases in player volume.

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The Game Marketer Orbit Industries Case Study

Paid Media Management

We focused on demographics that had interests in Sci-Fi and Space Travel. Even with the title holding a niche sci-fi element, The Game Marketer was able to acquire players for (in some cases below) the genre average CPA. 

The Game Marketer Orbit Industries Case Study

PR & Influencer

The Game Marketer utilised these marketing channels to further grow sentiment in market, with a core focus on Science Fiction and Space niches. We leveraged Tier 1 creators on the TikTok platform to showcase game snippets which highlighted strong core mechanics. Furthermore, drawing on non-endemic press to enhance wider coverage.