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Very little local awareness of Humble Bundle. No localised marketing assets, no local social media platforms set-up and no access to local paid media platforms. Need to navigate local government approvals and provide documentation. Require help with localizing their marketing content and website for Chinese customers.


Raise awareness of the brand, especially their monthly subscription service (Humble Choice) in China and drive sales through local social and paid media platforms.


Develop a comprehensive and customised China marketing plan including thorough market research specific to them, China paid and social media management and China creative localization. Help build a more localized website approach for China. Handle all government and creative approvals. Provide ongoing reporting and support for all China Marketing activities.

100 M


2.5 M


120 %

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The Game Marketer Humble Bundle Case Study

China Social Media Management

- Set up Official Humble Bundle accounts for local social media channels such as WeChat, Bilibili, and Weibo.

- Posted daily localised posts to recruit and engage followers.

- Created bespoke Chinese local festival campaigns such as Chinese New Year and Double-eleven shopping festival.

- Built trust and ongoing dialog with users by quickly responding to posts and questions.

The Game Marketer Humble Bundle Case Study

China Paid Media & China Localisation

- Built a comprehensive Humble Bundle media strategy for China.

- Utilised Search and Display campaigns to drive sales and raise brand awareness in China across all main mediums.

- Organised China social media paid programmes to improve accounts’ follower growth, reach and post views.

- Consulted on creating localised copy and user experience recommendations.

- Created localised creatives including monthly Humble Choice promotion videos, social media campaign posters, paid media creatives etc.

- Posted in-depth articles about Humble Choice monthly games, game bundles, store sales, and game titles.

The Game Marketer Humble Bundle Case Study

The Results

The Humble Bundle China Launch was a complete success surpassing all targets by a significant margin. The activity was subsequently extended to be an always-on activity and continues to show exceptional growth and revenue as well as firmly establishing Humble Bundle as the go-to choice of Chinese PC Gamers.


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