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Clash in intense battles


Tasked to demonstrate the value of an incomplete, unreleased title and encourage teams, personalities and sponsors to get involved within a very short period of time.


Launch a global tournament with 16 professional Esports teams participating. Reach out and acquire well-known personalities and sponsors to increase coverage and awareness for the title in collaboration with the Icelandic Esports Association and in alignment with the Icelandic Ministry of Commerce’s policy goals in regard to the commercial development of esports within Iceland.


Research, outreach and acquire 16 professional Esports Teams. Produce a web page covering key information regarding the event. Research and acquire Partners for the event. Advise and support the company’s social media accounts via copy and visual support





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The Game Marketer The Machines Arena Case Study

Team Research & Outreach and Partners & Personalities

The Game Marketer researched the competitive rosters of other leading esports titles such as Valorant, and League of Legends using them as a vector through which we identified the key demographics who engaged with similar products and developed a target audience.. This allowed initial outreach to begin, speaking to and confirming many of the industry's biggest teams including Alliance and eRaEternity. With over 120 teams we approached, the priority of the team was to ensure that potential coverage was spread across those several key demographics which were highlighted in the research phase.

The Game Marketer outreached to various personalities and partners in the initial phase, these conversations demonstrated the most challenges, due to the age of the title, many partners struggled to see the value in providing resources to the studio. However, with perseverance personalities were acquired including the likes of FaceIt and James Bardolph.

The Game Marketer The Machines Arena Case Study

Web Page Production & Management, Social Media Support and Onsite Support

The Game Marketer produced a professional webpage on the clients existing site which featured all the key event information and allowed users to register for a newsletter (maintained through a CRM system) where updates would be sent to all subscribed users. This was managed by The Game Marketer throughout the event where all updates were uploaded with custom graphics and copy.

The Game Marketer provided support to the client with their social media strategy, this included creating copy for posts and generating assets for posting. The Game Marketer created a detailed social calendar which covered all aspects of the event including testing and posting schedules.

The Game Marketer had someone on site to assist in the production leading up to and during the event. This included ensuring all teams had sufficient information and had equal opportunities leading up to the tournament.

The Game Marketer The Machines Arena Case Study

The Results

The Tournament was a huge success generating over 136k views across Twitch. The client is now on the road to integrating FaceIt’s technical solutions into the title. The hashtag #TMAC2021 achieved 1731 likes with 71 uses. All involved teams have provided technical feedback on the game identifying areas that the development team can target for improvement. The event has further rooted Esports within Iceland, being assisted by RISI (Icelandic Esports Association).


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  • The Game Marketer The Machines Arena Championship Gallery
  • The Game Marketer The Machines Arena Championship Gallery
  • The Game Marketer The Machines Arena Championship Gallery