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We worked with Zordix Publishing on its title The Lightbringer: a poetic action platformer inspired by old-school adventure games in the vein of Zelda.

Zordix tasked us with building awareness and a conversion funnel to drive users to The Lightbringer Steam and Nintendo store pages within a heavily contested 3D platformer and action-adventure market. The awareness that the game received as a whole from social media posting and paid media campaigns raised its overall profile significantly: making this campaign a huge success.

5 M


200 K


80 %

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The LightBringer Character

The Game Marketer The LightBringer Case Study

Social Media Management

The Game Marketer oversaw the management of social media accounts for The Lightbringer and prepared a social posting strategy for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Images, videos, and GIFs were created and strategically scheduled for posting for maximum reach.

The Game Marketer The LightBringer Case Study

Paid Media Campaign

Paid Media was one of the key areas for this partnership. The Game Marketer took a planned approach and provided a robust strategy by analysing and identifying the potential audience of the game. In order to raise awareness of the game across Facebook, Google, and Reddit a paid media plan was devised.

The Game Marketer was able to drive relevant audiences to the Steam and Nintendo store page of the game. This was also amplified through social media posts. With what we’d learnt from the awareness campaigns, The Game Marketer further optimised the targeting by funnelling down the most relevant audience and identifying the key aspect of the ad copy messaging which helped to step up the sales during the launch period.

The Game Marketer The LightBringer Case Study

Creative Support

Ensuring the creatives looked eye-catching and engaging, The Game Marketer took a proactive approach by creating visually stunning creatives that helped to calibrate the awareness of the campaign. Timely feedback from The Game Marketer on creatives from the client-side helped to create a healthy exchange of ideas and timely deliverables.


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