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Get as many people involved in The Hibernian Summer Games as possible and raise as much cash as possible for SickKids! The event ran for 2 weeks in the summer of 2021.


To bring in influencers and run social campaigns to promote The Hibernian Summer Games, and raise lots of money for SickKids.


The Game Marketer approached this campaign from 3 main angles, focussing on streamer acquisition, paid media campaigns and a press campaign.

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The Game Marketer Clan O'Conall Case Study

Streamer Acquisition

The strategic approach to streamer acquisition for the charity event was carefully considered. The goal was to look at streamers of all following sizes and letting that dictate the approach to bringing them onboard. For smaller streamers, we used key giveaway platforms to allow them to find out about The Hibernian Summer Games organically and request to be part of it. We also carried a large-scale e-mail campaign, contacting influencers of varying sizes inviting them to take part in the event and help HitGrab to raise money for charity.

For larger influencers we took a more direct approach, picking out larger influencers for whom the event would be relevant (those who stream platformers, speed-runners, those based in North America etc), and carrying out personalised outreach to them.

The streamer acquisition side of our overall approach was a success, with over 30,000 hour of watch time being generated from Clan O’Conall streams across the 2-week period of the event.

The Game Marketer Clan O'Conall Case Study

Paid Media & PR

When looking at the paid media campaign for this event, The Game Marketer knew that it would be vital to create engaging yet informative creatives to promote. Using some of the in-game art assets provided by our client, The Game Marketer was able to produce an eye-catching banner that directed traffic through to The Hibernian Summer Games web page to find out how they could help out with the charity event. This ad was run across different social media such as Facebook and Reddit. The Game Marketer was also able to track data in Google analytics from this campaign, constantly analysing the data to optimise the ad campaign throughout the event.

The paid media campaign for the charity event was a very vital part of raising awareness for the event and drove people to The Hibernian Summer Games web page, which drove sign-ups for the event.

The Game Marketer’s approach to the press campaign for the event was very direct. The press campaign was centres around two press releases, firstly a press release targeting coverage prior to the event to raise awareness, followed by a second press release after the event to announce how much money had been raised for SickKids.

The first press release was carefully crafted to explain everything that outlets would need to know about both Clan O’Conall as a game and the Hibernian Summer Games as a whole. This first press release was sent out to 100s of outlets in an e-mail campaign, and The Game Marketer saw some great results from this, with the story being picked up by large outlets across North America and Europe. This press campaign was key to raising awareness about the charity event, bringing the event to the forefront of people’s minds, and bringing great results.

After the Hibernian Summer Games, The Game Marketer then put together a second press release to talk about the results of the charity event. The goal was to showcase some of the great things that happened during the event including the speed-run competition, and of course to talk about the money, which was raised for SickKids across the charity event, a figure which eclipsed $36,000 in total!

The Game Marketer Clan O'Conall Case Study

The Results

By coming at this campaign from the 3 main angles of streamer acquisition, press campaign and paid media campaign, The Game Marketer was able to successfully market and raise awareness for The Hibernian Summer Games and ensure that coverage and viewership for the event were at a high level. With over 30,000 of watch time generated on Twitch throughout the event, the charity event certainly gained the coverage that it deserved, and with over £36,000 being raised for the SickKids Foundation in total, everyone was incredibly pleased with the end result!

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"I also wanted to say what a pleasure it's been working with The Game Marketer and for you and your team's efforts over the past few months. We will certainly be working with you in the future."

Jonathan - CEO