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With the game in closed beta, The Game Marketer was tasked with overseeing a campaign to raise awareness of the game and ensure that enough players joined the servers and participated in their beta test weekend.


To successfully get players playing Super Squad over their beta test weekend and to get content creators streaming and making videos about the game to maximise coverage.


Run paid media campaigns on various social media platforms, manage and update company social media, carry out influencer outreach to raise awareness of the game among content creators and maximise coverage and collaborate with esports teams in paid campaigns.

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The Game Marketer Super Squad Case Study


The Game Marketer created new marketing materials for Super Squad and ran advertising campaigns on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Reddit. We oversaw the delivery of these campaigns, using data analysis to create target audiences, and adapting our strategies over the cause of the campaign, in the end exceeding forecasted click-through-rates (CTR) and conversion rates.

Many press contacts created articles on The Machines Arena which developed a rich audience of esports enthusiasts and established the title’s presence within the Esports market. The Influencer engagement was also a huge success, generating 25,359 hours watched and a 774% increase of viewers. Buzzkill and Directive games are still collaborating and are making high-quality content that is both enjoyable and informative for new players.

The Game Marketer Super Squad Case Study

Influencer Marketing & Esports

As well as looking into esports teams, The Game Marketer also did more general influencer outreach to gain more coverage. We liaised with the developers at Bad Fox and helped to oversee the creation of exclusive in-game content for influencers and content creators to entice them to play the game. This proved to be very successful, with hundreds of hours of content being created across the weekend, with streamers from all around the World getting involved and playing the game.

Part of the future plan of Super Squad is to enter the world of esports, with the long-term plan to be to host international competitions and formulate competitive leagues within Super Squad. With this in mind, The Game Marketer crafted a plan to collaborate with the esports team for the beta test weekend and beyond, both to maximise coverage for the weekend but also to raise awareness of the game within esports. The Game Marketer started by striving to build grassroots links to UK based esports teams to formulate the foundations of Super Squad as an esports entity. To achieve this, The Game Marketer carried out research and singled out teams to work with on this campaign, handling conversations with the teams, orchestrating the plan for each individual team and managing their streamers for the weekend, as well as overseeing the tracking of deliverables throughout the weekend. These initial foundations have led to other teams showing interest in the game from the UK and beyond. Conversations with esports teams from all over the globe have followed, including teams from America, Italy and Denmark. These conversations have ranged from plans to get teams involved in upcoming beta test weekends, plans to host in-house Super Squad tournaments and many more exciting things that are sure to be announced in the near future. The esports campaign as a whole has been a great success for Super Squad, with many esports players and streamers regularly coming back to join in with the weekly beta tests. The campaign saw some fantastic content being created across many social platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok.

The Game Marketer Super Squad Case Study

The Results

The beta test weekend was a huge success, with targets and predictions being excelled across the board. The social platforms of Bad Fox Studios gained a lot of traction and the Discord server community grew vastly. The esports teams we collaborated with delivered on the proposed plans of action we had in place, with many of their streamers thoroughly enjoying the game. Wider influencer coverage was very good, with streams in multiple languages being broadcast across the globe. Most importantly, the beta test was a great success for the developers, providing crucial data and analytics for them to utilise in the future, with general awareness of the game growing hugely. The Game Marketer is continuing to work with Bad Fox Studios on Super Squad, with the beta test weekend being so successful that Super Squad is now hosting a weekly beta test on weekends and will continue to do so until the game moves into early access.

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“Phil and the team have been excellent to work with and have gone above and beyond to deliver everything we’ve asked of them and more. With their help, our beta test weekend was a massive success."

Barry Hudson - Studio Head