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Strive to become number one!


Plan, build and execute a marketing strategy while the game is in early release with the aim of increasing awareness.


Build and increase awareness of the game with press, influencers and a wider gaming audience, in order to promote their early access ahead of a future launch.


Carry out data analysis around RoboSqaure and the target audience, build relationships with streamers and content creators in order to create engaging content and run paid media campaigns to drive awareness.

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The Game Marketer RoboSquare Case Study

Phase 1

In Phase 1 The Game Marketer started by carrying out data analysis of the game’s current players and of the games target audience in order to create solid plans of attack and to ensure that the game was being marketed to the right people. We began to look at influencer outreach, focussing on streamers who played similar games and had audiences who were interested in indie games. We also set out to raise press awareness of the game, creating a solid press release pack to send out.

The Game Marketer RoboSquare Case Study

Phase 2

Phase 2 saw the continual use of data analysis so that we could constantly evolve our plan, using new data to instruct our next decisions in terms of where we should be aiming our targeted advertising, what types of influencers and press we needed to be talking to and so on. Good relationships were established with various content creators, with the added incentive things like play sessions with the developers and of customised personal skins aiding the developers in continuing the relationships that were built.

The Game Marketer RoboSquare Case Study

The Results

The aim to increase coverage of RoboSquare among influencers and content creators was met and The Game Marketer was able to successfully oversee the games transition from being in early access to being in full release. Numerous videos and streams of content creators playing RoboSquare followed and this helped to ensure steady sales figures.