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With a 24/7 operation, the company was collecting lots of data but had had few opportunities to analyze it for marketing purposes or turn it into insights above strictly operational ones. They were seeing high lapse and churn rates, and relatively low monetization in-game.


Find all the relevant data, create useful marketing insights, and use them to define a digital transformation strategy for RETO MOTO. Include recommendations for creating player value through targeted communications and proactive monetizing opportunities.


An initial digital audit to assess RETO MOTO’s level of digital maturity and recommend a digital transformation strategy and deliver the recommendations.

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Reto meto case study

Initial Digital Audit

We conducted a thorough digital audit on the business covering all aspects of marketing and strategy. This gave RETO MOTO’s leadership team a comprehensive assessment as to their current marketing approach, performance and capabilities weighed against their ambitions and long-term goals.

Through on-site workshops and deep auditing of media and data platforms, we were able to build up a complete picture of RETO MOTO’s digital maturity as well as current challenges and strategic objectives. From this, we produced a performance-based marketing and retention strategy with a roadmap to success across Marketing Strategy and Operations, Data and Insight, CRM and Player Engagement.

Heroes & Generals Case Study

Digital Transformation

The CEO and RETO MOTO board accepted all of our recommendations but were still challenged for resources. They engaged us for a further 6 months to help deliver a change roadmap that would transform them into a data-enabled marketing organisation that could communicate with their players effectively, target new audiences and grow revenue.

In 3 well-defined “sprints”, each lasting 2 months, we completely overhauled RETO MOTO’s marketing database, creating new reports that provided key insights into player behaviour and revenue-generating opportunities. We created a new “early-life” automated communications program which targets players at the points where they are most engaged (i.e. just after signing up and immediately afterwards).

Heroes & Generals Case Study

The Results

An immediate increase in revenues, retention and engagement. An improvement in email engagement rates. KPI mapping and business metrics in place and being used.

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“They provided us with first-rate strategic and operational marketing support for all our online channels. They have a 100% focus on delivery and results and are a great team of experts to have on our side.”

Jean-Marc Broyer - CEO