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Target the specific gaming niche audience of PC desktop simulation players. All new localised creatives were required. No local platforms set-up or governmental approval for marketing.


Raise awareness of the brand in China and drive sales through the WeGame platform.


Built a digital acquisition strategy, targeting specific sites, categories, and audience profiles, as well as helping produce all localised creatives. Worked with Chinese authorities to get their business and all creatives approved. Assessed all current landing page content in China and gave recommendations for changes.

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The Game Marketer Cities Skylines Case Study

Localised Creatives

We built numerous creatives for the standard game as well as its DLC. We also created specific Chinese New Year celebration adverts.

The Game Marketer Cities Skylines Case Study

China Marketing

- Analysed the market and available data and audited current CN Landing pages.

- Steam & WeGame

- Social Media Channels (WeChat, BilliBilli, Weibo)

- Built programmatic media campaigns to target “PC Gamers” in China.

- High Reach providers e.g. Tencent, Baidu, Youku, Iqiyi, Qihoo360

- Niche Gaming Social Sites e.g. BiliBili, Gamersky, LeTV

- Targeted high value VIP users who normally skip Ads.

- Optimised campaign e.g. Time of Day, PC, CS Social

- Developed new localised media content for Chinese players.

- Localised calls to action

- Chinese New Year Campaign

- Sunset Harbour DLC

- New Cities Website

- Created tracking pixels to help identify and target players.

- Building data profile of high performing media and users.

- Retargeting engaged but not converted users.

- Measured results, buy conversion & user journeys.

The Game Marketer Cities Skylines Case Study

The Results

Increase in total engagement with over 500 million views of Cities: Skylines adverts across China. Maintained a low CPC throughout the entire campaign while still bidding on premium inventory and saw an Increase in overall sales. In addition helped build a player profile for China and clear understanding within the business of the China market.

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"It was a pleasure to work with The Game Marketer! Their proactiveness and
suggestions of different solutions were much appreciated throughout the whole campaign cycle."

Julija Laskovska - User Acquisition Manager