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How to promote a game with so many other games on the market. Since it isn't a new release, we can't use an exciting launch as its marketing angle. With staggered release dates for the game on different consoles, an astute marketing strategy to maintain interest in the game across all platforms is required.


Create awareness of Papa’s Quiz with the press, influencers and the wider gaming community. Also, to oversee the successful launch of Papa’s Quiz on various platforms.


Create a marketing plan that focuses on social media management, establishing relationships with influencers and conducting influencer outreach and also running paid media campaigns.

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The Game Marketer Papa's Quiz Case Study

Phase 1

Phase 1 saw The Game Marketer take the 3 main focuses from our approach and set them in motion. We began to build on Old Apes social media accounts, putting out engaging content. We also began an extensive influencer outreach project, trying to get influencers and content creators to become aware of Papa’s Quiz and engage with the game. The other angle we focused on was planning paid media campaigns on social media in order to reach a wider audience.

Social Media

We helped Old Apes set up their social presence, including on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. With a focus on gaining followers and engagements we built out the best possible plan for them to succeed in this highly competitive market.

Influencer Outreach

We also began an extensive influencer outreach project, trying to get influencers and content creators to become aware of Papa’s Quiz and engage with the game.

Facebook Paid Ads

The campaign would not have been successful without careful planning. We had to target different audiences by interest, location and age as well as increase the number of followers for our page with targeted ads in order to be seen.

The Game Marketer Papa's Quiz Case Study

Phase 2

In phase 2 The Game Marketer built upon the foundations we laid in phase 1. We maintained good relationships with influencer and content creators, making sure that they were happy and continuing to engage with the game. We established a good relationship with a 737k Twitch followers influencer, who has made some great content around Papa’s Quiz. As part of extending the relationship with him, The Game Marketer brainstormed with Old Apes and as a result, generated customed game content, i.e., special question category just for him, as well as built his special game character assets. We managed the relationship with the influencer, making sure that he was still onboard and enthused by the game, leaving the developers the time and space to create the necessary content within the game.

Our outreach efforts came to fruition within phase 2 as we saw a huge increase in content creation around Papa’s Quiz, with gameplay videos, live streams and reviews being posted to YouTube and Twitch. These contents were shared on Papa’s Quiz’s social media channel, which created the mutual growing cycle in between content creator and the game. The game is also garnered good reviews from review sites that The Game Marketer had contacted. Meanwhile, with continuous optimisation, we saw good responses from our paid media campaigns, driving engagement and increasing sales.

The Game Marketer Papa's Quiz Case Study

The Results

The execution of The Game Marketers’ marketing strategy was a great success. Our influencer outreach campaign saw lots of great and engaging content being created on Papa’s Quiz, with many streamers now regularly playing the game and creating engaging content for their fans. We have increased Old Apes followship on social media and have been diligent with the upkeep of their accounts, keeping consistent brand messaging and staying up to date with promotions and updates within the game. The paid media campaigns were a success and helped to drive sales figures, achieved by analysing data and marketing the game to the right players.