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Beyond Earth's Cradle

The Game Marketer aided American studio Fenix Fire with its debut title Osiris: New Dawn, an epic sci-fi exploration and crafting game which had already garnered a sizable player base from its years in Early Access.

The Game Marketerer consulted across various key beats, such as PR, sentiment management and trailer production to prepare for the full Osiris: New Dawn launch.

Osiris: New Dawn Character

The Game Marketer Osiris: New Dawn Case Study

Marketing Strategy

Utilising existing key beats determined by Fenix Fire, The Game Marketer ideated a market navigation plan to further enhance player pickup and generate additional awareness.

The Game Marketer Osiris: New Dawn Case Study

Social Media Management

The Game Marketer crafted a social media content calendar which tied into key events such as Steam sales. All content covered key Call-To-Actions during these phases to maximise sales. We mixed core content pillars to create a diverse blend of assets.

The Game Marketer Osiris: New Dawn Case Study

Influencer & PR

Wielding an array of creators and publications, The Game Marketer enabled a fresh seed of positive sentiment in the market, which could then be used across other key marketing channels to create product affinity with influencers and press contacts.