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Case Study - Mortal Online 2

Influencer Marketing for Star Vault

Influencer Marketing for Star Vault

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Mortal Online 2 is an MMORPG developed by Swedish game developers Star Vault. The game is a sequel to Mortal Online, a game released over a decade ago. The game is still in development but is being played on a closed beta. Star Vault approached The Game Marketer to assist in making sure they got enough traction on their servers to carry out a critical stress test.

The Challenge

With the developers working hard to build this ambitious game they had not found the time to carry out sufficient marketing and as such the game had slipped under the radar of many people.

The Goal

To get influencers to engage with Mortal Online 2, get people to talk about Mortal Online 2, and get enough users on the servers so that Star Vault can successfully carry out their stress test.

The Approach

  1. Prepare a press release to announce the stress test

2.Contact influencers to see if they were interested in testing and early access reviewing the game

What We Did

Phase 1

Case Study of Mortal Online 2

We began by analysing the state of play with Mortal Online 2, getting to know how many people were currently aware of the game and its’ predecessor (particularly within the MMORPG community). After carrying out this analysis we knew that the best plan of attack would be to firstly prepare a press release for the stress test to get the word out to gaming media outlets and also to reach out to influencers and content creators to see if they wanted to early access review the game on closed beta and promote the stress test.

Phase 2

Case Study of Mortal Online 2

Phase 2 saw us action the plans we put together in phase 1. This started with rolling out the press release to begin getting word out about the stress test. This lead to several articles being published about the upcoming stress test event on the likes of MassivelyOP, and and thousands of stress test beta keys being given out to players. The next step was to reach out to influencers to see if they were interested in getting early access to the game. This was a great success, with users such as ESO, Asmongold and Ser Medieval making some fantastic content around Mortal Online 2 and alerting their fans to the upcoming stress test. You can check some of those videos out down below.


This project was a great success, with videos about Mortal Online 2 amassing hundreds of thousands of views, generating a real buzz around the game. The stress test was a success, actually being extended by several days. The servers received plenty of traction, and the game received a great deal of exposure with many new beta keys being purchased in anticipation of the full release

Mortal Online 2

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