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Case Study - Domain

Domain the Trading Card Game

Homepage Redeisgn for Domain the Trading Card Game

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Domain is an online, strategy-based trading card game. Domain approached The Game Marketer for help across running paid media campaigns across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Reddit, helping to run and moderate Domains’ own social media accounts and to advise and partially redesign parts of the Domain website.

The Challenge

The challenge was to refresh the design and feel of the Domain website, looking at the user experience (UX) and sign-up journey of the Domain website, and then look at how we could bring product to a wider audience.

The Goal

The goal was to refresh the homepage of the Domain website, making for a user friendly and smooth experience, grow and maintain Domain’s social media accounts and to generate market awareness and boost sign ups through the use of paid media campaigns.

The Approach

- To run paid media campaigns on various social media platforms, utilising data and analytics to create lookalike audiences and to create target audiences that would have good conversion rates.

  • To manage and update company social media to engage their current audience and build out their online profile.

  • To carry out influencer outreach to raise awareness of the game among content creators and to maximise coverage.

  • To collaborate with esports teams in paid campaigns, organising and overseeing content creation from them.

What We Did

Homepage Refresh and User Experience Re-Evaluation

Homepage Redeisgn for Domain the Trading Card Game

The Game Marketer began by assessing the current UX of the Domain website and pinpointing areas that could be improved to ensure maximum conversion and turn website visits into sign-ups. One of these areas that needed improvement was a section of the website that would allow new players to try the game for free. We decided that in order to maximise conversion whilst also improving the UX that this option would be removed and instead the sign-up journey would be shortened and simplified. We saw good results from making this change, with conversion rates increasing. With the homepage, The Game Marketer undertook the task of redesigning it to be more dynamic and engaging. This was achieved with creating a dynamic moving image as the background for the page, rethinking the layout of the page to create the clearest journey to sign-up for users and by creating attention-grabbing copy to describe the game in the best way possible. The homepage refresh and re-evaluation of UX for Domain’s website has been very successful, leading to increased sign-ups and conversion rates.

Paid Media Campaigns

Paid Media Campaign for Domain the Trading Card Game

For Domain’s paid media campaigns the first step for The Game Marketer was to carry out proper market research to get the best possible idea of what Domain’s target audience would look like. This included looking to data and analytics from similar projects and also carry out our own research projects to obtain data. By doing this we were able to understand the desired audience for Domain and work out what would work and what wouldn’t. For example, we discovered that advertising on Reddit would bring good conversion rates, and by targeting relevant sub-reddits and posts we were able to gain great results. Another thing that was made possible by carrying out good market research was being able to create lookalike audiences. By applying the knowledge we gained form analysing the data and analytics surrounding Domain and similar games we were able to create the best possible lookalike audiences, resulting in good cost per click and cost per sign-up rates. The Game Marketer also undertook the creation of promotional images to be used in the paid media campaigns, designing the images and videos as well as writing copy to be included in campaigns. Going forward The Game Marketer will continue to monitor, and update paid media campaigns for Domain, always gaining and utilising new knowledge to further improve the campaign.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management for Domain the Trading Card Game

The main aims in taking over Domain’s social media were to boost follower numbers and to maximise engagement with current followers. As part of this The Game Marketer has created regular content introducing and explaining cards that are available in the game, showcasing in-game content to excite followers. Another large aspect of this has been to drive followers to the Domain Discord server. Discord is known for being a great way for game developers to best engage with their players and community, and this has certainly proved to be a great thing for Domain. By driving players to the Discord, we have been able to increase retention of players and boost the community feel to the game. This has led to weekly tournaments in Domain which has proved to be very popular within the community. The Game Marketer continues to manage the social media accounts of Domain, creating regular content for all of their social channels and always striving to boost social numbers whilst also focus on retention of current players.


We have been able to oversee great results from this project for Domain across all key areas that we have targeted. The homepage refresh has been completed and has meant for a better user experience and clearer sign-up journey for potential players resulting in a higher conversion rate of clicks to the website to sign-ups. Paid media campaigns have continued to perform well, raising the number of daily sign-ups and providing under-target cost per click and cost per install rates. The social media management has led to good engagement with followers as well as boosted follower numbers and Discord numbers. All in all, the campaign has been a success and The Game Marketer will continue to work on social media management and paid media campaigns for Domain.

Domain the Trading Card Game

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