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Case Study - The Machines Arena

The Machines Arena

A case study of how we helped The Machines Arena with influencer marketing and press release.

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The Machines Arena developed by Directive Games is a 4v4 top-down shooter designed around being relentless and chaotic. There were many challenges that Directive Games faced over the first few months of Alpha, including reaching the right audience, making noise in the press and getting content made by creators that the product resonated with.


Due to the nature of the game, it was a challenge to get people interested. Players labelled the title as a “lobby game”, which for some was off-putting especially when the direction was to position The Machines Arena in front of an Esports audience, so The Game Marketer had to fuel positivity into an already controversial playstyle.


The Game Marketer had several goals within a limited time schedule. Generating press awareness, gaining traction with influencers and creators, positioning the title in front of an Esports audience. All these efforts would position the title to have the most reception when it launched into open beta.


  • Craft and distribute relevant press releases to contacts which drove awareness and market discussions amongst major outlets.
  • Explore influencers and Esports teams which developed the audience profile to match the initial plan.
  • Plan potential activity that would increase recognition of the title being an accessible Esports title.
  • To advise on all marketing activities on The Machines Arena and ensure it had a healthy life cycle.

What We Did

Press Communication and Publication

The Machines Arena Press Communication and Publication

There were several conversations that took place in order to ensure the target audience was met, we targeted press contacts that had a significant audience within Esports. The Game Marketer ensured that all press releases and communications praised the titles interesting approach to Esports and that they highlighted the title for its true value.

Influencer and Content Creation

The Machines Arena Influencer and Content Creation

Ensuring that the audience matched the intended profile was a top priority here. The goal of the studio was to build a good structure for the Esports activity that was planned later on the overall roadmap. We reached out to several creators that were associated with Esports in one way or another.

Esports Integration and Process

The Machines Arena Esports Integration and Process

The goal here was to find a team that would be associated with The Machines Arena on a long-term basis. The Game Marketer presented a cost-efficient and well established Esports organisation that were already interested in the title.


Many press contacts created articles on The Machines Arena which developed a rich audience of esports enthusiasts and established the title’s presence within the Esports market. The Influencer engagement was also a huge success, generating 25,359 hours watched and a 774% increase of viewers. Buzzkill and Directive games are still collaborating and are making high-quality content that is both enjoyable and informative for new players.

The Machines Arena The Results

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