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Make as many people as possible aware of the upcoming stress test as possible so that the developers could push the servers to the limit and acquire invaluable data. The stress test also presented an opportunity to raise general awareness of the game.


To successfully flood the Mortal Online 2 servers with players so that the developers could track and analyse crucial data so that they can fully prepare for the full launch of the game.


The Game Marketer looked at this task through a variety of lenses, sectioning the operation into 4 main fields, a paid media campaign, a press campaign, an influencer campaign, and a social media campaign.

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150 K


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The Game Marketer Mortal Online 2 Case Study

Paid Media & PR

When looking at paid media for this campaign, we knew that creating engaging, yet informative ads was going to be key to ensuring the best ROI and results for our client. The social media ad campaign consisted of a few different videos that showcased the game and gave the audience vital information about the stress test, driving them to sign-up for the stress test on the Mortal Online 2 Steam page.

These campaigns were a success and drove hundreds of thousands of impressions and clicks and helped to ensure that the stress test event was a success.

When looking at the press side of things for this campaign, we focused on both free coverage and paid placements to maximise awareness for the stress test. We rolled out a press release for the stress test to all relevant news outlets, from top-tier gaming press to MMO-focused sites. The response to this campaign was great, with the announcement of the stress test being picked up organically by outlets such as WorthPlaying and WePC.

We also ran site takeovers and paid content on relevant MMO and PC gaming-orientated websites such as MassivelyOP,, and PC Gamer. These paid placements were a crucial part of maximising sign-ups to the stress test and proved to be incredibly valuable to the campaign.

The Game Marketer Mortal Online 2 Case Study

Influencer & Social Media

The approach to influencer marketing for the stress test was based around awareness and careful targeting. We carried out an outreach campaign, reaching out to 100s of influencers whose audience fit the demographic that we were looking for (MMORPG players, sandbox game players, fantasy game players etc). Through this campaign we were able to secure varied content across social platforms, mainly focussing on YouTube and Twitch coverage. The YouTube coverage throughout the stress test was a great success, with over 100 tracked videos on Mortal Online 2 being posted over the 2-week period of the stress test, with content varying from reviews and ‘first look’ videos, to YouTube live streams and in-depth breakdowns of some of the games mechanics.

In terms of Twitch coverage, we oversaw a huge rise in the number of hours both streamed and watched. Throughout the course of the stress test, over 100,000 hours of watch time were generated, with the game being picked up by accounts with millions of followers on Twitch.

The influencer coverage throughout the stress test provided excellent awareness for the game and the stress test and drove thousands of sign-ups to join the stress test and generated some great content around the game.

The social media strategy for this campaign focussed on a few different avenues of social marketing. This included being very interactive with the community, engaging posts about the upcoming stress test, informative posts about events during the stress and being reactive to influencer content that was posted during the event.

With Mortal Online 2 already having a passionate and devoted fanbase, being responsive to followers was a big part of driving the community to help out and participate in the stress test. We ran a social media giveaway campaign where players posted their best in-game screenshots to be in with a chance to win full access to the game both pre and post-launch.

We were very vocal on social media in sharing details about events within the stress test. These events included streams hosted on the official Mortal Online Twitch channel and also the huge battle event that happened during the stress test. By posting about these events, we were able to ensure that they were a great success, making sure the Mortal Online 2 streams were well received and making sure that battle event went as planned!

The Game Marketer Mortal Online 2 Case Study

The Results

Bringing together the 4 main aspects of our strategy, The Game Marketer was able to ensure that Star Vault got thousands of sign-ups to join the Mortal Online 2 stress test, giving the developers the opportunity to harvest key data that will allow them to fully prepare the game for full release in January 2022. The coverage that the game received as a whole from press and influencers raised awareness of the game and put the title on the radar of many people, making this campaign a huge success both for the technical development of the game and from a pure marketing perspective.

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"The Game Marketer helped us bring in so many players on launch day that it almost broke our servers. The staff is very friendly, experts in their field, and most importantly they provide results."

Bram Travis - Project Lead


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  • The Game Marketer Mortal Online 2 Stress Test Gallery
  • The Game Marketer Mortal Online 2 Stress Test Gallery
  • The Game Marketer Mortal Online 2 Stress Test Gallery