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Video Games Marketing in China

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Imagine a Market of 814 Million People on the Internet...

Video games in China is estimated to be worth nearly $30Bn. It’s a market that many games want to tap into. However, even with a perfectly localised version of your game you may still find yourself at a dead-end. The culture, player journey, Ad formats and shopping style for the China market are all entirely different from the west.

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China, A Whole Different Ecosystem

In China, people are using WeChat or QQ instead of Whatsapp or Messenger; they use Baidu as their browser and iQiyi rather than Netflix to watch videos. Do you know when Chinese Valentines Day is; or what Double 11 (Singles Day), the holiday invented in China that drove GBP 2.3 trillion of consumption in 2019, is all about?

In addition all advertising media in China must have governmental approval and work in local formats.

These challenges of the China market entry are crucial to understand for western companies, and can make or break a game launch.

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China has its own closed media ecosystem.

Source: China vs. US media. From abacusnews

Using Programmatic and Social to Enter the China Market

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CommerceCentric uses a variety of platforms and solutions to place your ads across inventory from Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent as well as many more. Using our data providers and gaming focused targeting we can get you in front the relevant players for your game.

Our dedicated team from Asia Pacific lives and breathes that ecosystem. We do everything from brand launch and social media, to content creation and advertising.

Case Study: Cities Skylines

Our most recent project is with Paradox Interactive who are targeting the specific gaming niche audience of PC desktop simulation players.

We've built a digital acquisition strategy, targeting specific sites, categories, and audience profiles, as well as helping them produce all localised creatives.

Further, we worked with Chinese authorities to get their business and all creative approved.

We also assessed all current landing page content in China and gave recommendations for changes.

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How We Can Help in China

Digital Business Consulting

China Marketing Strategy

We can develop a comprehensive China marketing plan for your title and build a full suite of digital marketing and social capabilities to reach your players in China. We can drive real sales across your sites or 3rd parties like WeGame and Steam.

Digital Marketing

China Audience Targeting

Maximise spend efficiency by only targeting the right players for your game. We use big data and machine learning to build specific audience profiles that match your game. We then constantly optimise your results to find the right audience.

Analytics & Data

China Creatives and Localisation

We can help you design new creatives for the Chinese audience, or localise your current inventories to suit Chinese tastes and Ad formats. We then constantly optimise ads and messaging for maximum performance.

Ecommerce Services

China Programmatic Ad Display

We use a combination of social, direct and programmatic display to put your messaging in front of the right players. With direct access to inventory from the likes of Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and more we can get you in front of the right audience for your game.

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Book a meeting today and find out how we can grow your business in China . We offer a free consultation of 30 mins and we will be looking to understand you business objectives and challenges as well as talk through your current activities.

Email or call: +44 (0) 20 3287 7172 and let's brainstorm!

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