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The video games market has never been more competitive, with over 8,000 games launched on Steam in 2019 and an estimated 500 games released on mobile every day! However, the opportunities are still huge, and your chances of success dramatically increase if you make smart decisions in your marketing efforts and utilize data-driven media planning to get your title in front of more gamers. The Game Marketer can create a comprehensive user acquisition strategy across search, social and programmatic for both mobile and PC, that targets the right players for your game.

Video Games Media Planning

Video Games Media Planning and User Acquisition

We can help you create and manage a full video game launch media plan from objective setting and budget allocation, through geography, markets and media mix to execution and optimization. We have global experience taking video games to market even in difficult to reach countries such as China. We can craft the most cost-effective video games media plan for your budget and ensure advertising and community messaging is reaching only the niche genre groups you care about. Let us turn your launch into a hype machine that builds community excitement and pushes pre-orders and add to wish lists.

  • Full Budget Planning
  • Complex Multi-Channel Campaign Management
  • Insight, Analysis and Campaign Attribution
Video Games Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic & Direct Buy for Video Games

Our high impact programmatic campaigns are designed to cut through the advertising noise of the internet and target only the players you want. Using our player based, data driven methodology and with access to multiple DSP platforms that cover up to 95% of the addressable global audience, we are able to serve engaging and relevant content to prospective players wherever they may be. Utilizing rich first and third-party data we can tap into niche gaming genres and interests and combine with a truly omnichannel approach across mobile, desktop, walled gardens and specialist platforms and even out of home. In addition, we can craft campaigns via our direct relationships with major video games media sites for takeovers, advertorials and more.

  • Global Reach including China
  • Gaming Specific Niche Targeting
  • AI Combined with Human Insight
  • Comprehensive Optimization
Video Games Paid Social

Paid Social Video Game Advertising

Reach players through targeted advertising on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, Reddit, Twitter and WeChat. Boost your organic reach and use the rich data available on these platforms to target players and lookalike audiences. Leverage the power of social media networks to amplify your content, drive engagement and boost player acquisition. We can create paid social strategies to support your media plan, manage and optimize campaigns and build measurement frameworks focused on commercial success.

  • Campaign Setup, Execution, Reporting and Optimization
  • Global Reach including China
  • Comprehensive Targeting
Paid Search Ads For Video Games

Paid Search Video Game Marketing

Search still plays a key role in almost every video games marketing journey with most of us turning to Google to find out more information or just for inspiration for our next game. Paid search continues to be one of the most cost-effective and important tools for acquiring users and directing players to take action. Tap into the power of search intent to make sure your game is being seen by players and found on app stores.

  • Experience across Global Markets with Google Ads, Bing, and Baidu.
  • PPC Account Setup, Expansion, and Optimisation.
  • Keyword Creation and Analysis
  • Paid Search Account Auditing.
  • Conversion and Analytics Tracking
Apple Store Optimization (ASO)

Apple Search Ads (ASA) for Games

Apple Search Ads allows you to promote iOS apps in App Store search results on iPhone or iPad. With 65% of all downloads coming from Search, it's an area you can’t afford to ignore in your mobile marketing. ASA allows you to get more share of voice, defend your brand, be part of trending terms and ensure your game is as visible as possible.

  • Global Visibility in App Store Search
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Target Highly Qualified Players
  • Target Competitor Terms and Defend Your Brand
Digital Business Development at CommerceCentric

Cross Device Tracking for Video Games

Video gamers by their nature inhabit many different platforms and networks. This can make tracking a real issue, especially if players utilize walled gardens or hop from PC to mobile to console. However, using our cutting-edge platforms and tracking solution providers, we can match multiple devices and channels to an individual and onto a final player ID. In this way we can craft holistic digital marketing campaigns that engage with players as individuals across any environment.

  • Measure Your Marketing Performance
  • Understand Player Behavior
  • Track Across Black Boxes and Walled Gardens
Branding and User Experience at CommerceCentric

Data Driven Targeting for Video Games

Put your data to work by combining it with our rich third-party sources to target with potentially infinite data combinations. Find the audience pools that work for you to deliver players at a cost-effective rate. Target players based on real intent and behaviour not just location.

  • Target Only the Players You Want
  • Utilise Our Data Partners to Find Niche Audiences
  • Build Lookalike Audiences
Video Game Advertising Creative

Digital Creative for Game Marketing

The creative you use to introduce your game is just as important as where those messages are placed. With so much visual noise on the internet you need content that conveys your message quickly and accurately while showcasing your brand vision. The Game Marketer can create engaging marketing copy and creatives that are optimised for click through.

  • Video, Display and Copy
  • High Quality Creative for All Uses
  • Ready Optimized to Convert
  • Ongoing Optimisation and Testing
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Case Study: Video Games Media Planning

Find out how we helped Paradox Interactive find niche audiences and build a programmatic player acquisition strategy for Cities Skylines

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Video Games Marketing Solutions

We offer a full suite of video games marketing services and digital consultancy that will improve your capabilities, take you to new markets and engage and acquire players.

Digital Marketing at CommerceCentric

Video Game Analytics, Tracking & Attribution

Find out the true value of your user acquisition efforts with analytics and attribution. Track through gaming walled gardens and social media.

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Ecommerce Services at CommerceCentric

China Video Games Marketing

Tap into the worlds biggest gaming market with our comprehensive China Video Games Marketing service. Covering paid media including programmatic and search, social platforms like WeChat and BiliBili and consultancy for approvals, entity and localisation.

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Analytics & data at CommerceCentric

Video Game Influencer Amplification

Turn your video game influencer and streamer activity into a full funnel tactic with real tracking and KPI's. Amplify your natural reach to engage more players.

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