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Video games marketing needs to generate huge amounts of awareness, anticipation and engagement. However, players are already bombarded with other media and are time poor due to current games and interests. Influencer marketing can help cut through this and has been shown to drive up to 16x more engagements than brand led advertising.

Video Games Programmatic Advertising

Increase Value of Creator Content

Make your influencer marketing and paid media work together holistically and increase your overall reach and reduce cost per acquisition. In addition, immediately assign performance metrics to quantify value.

We can take Influencer created assets and create engaging new stories for players that drive to trackable outcomes. Paid Media can utilise the rich data and engaging content to create credible ads that amplify influencer reach and drive real player actions. This double utilization of content improves your cost efficiency, generates new advertising creative and provides real ROI.

  • Increase the Effectiveness and Reach of Creator Campaigns
  • Increases Value of Creator Content by Utilising as a Media Asset
  • Improve Campaign Versatility
Video Game Influencer Amplification
Video Games Media Planning

Influencer Tracking and Measurement

Influencer marketing previously has been notoriously difficult to track, quantify and assign a true ROI to. The Game Marketer has developed a performance model for influencer and other social content as well as utilised the latest tracking technology to be able to accurately show which content and content creators are generating real results for your game. This turns your influencer activity into true performance driven campaigns that can be monitored, and their true impact assessed.

  • Understand the Value of Twitch and YouTube Content
  • Use Performance Measurement Frameworks
Video Games Paid Social

Amplify Reach and Value of Influencer Content

We can repurpose your content creator videos and increase their value by utilising them as media assets. Paid Media can utilise this rich and engaging content to create credible ads that amplify influencer reach and drive real player actions. This transforms influencer marketing into a full funnel tactic, increase your overall reach and reduces cost per acquisition.

  • Ensure the relevant audiences find and interact with key influencer content
  • Create New Digital Assets for Media
  • Immediately Add Tracking and ROI

Video Games Marketing Solutions

We offer a full suite of video games marketing services and digital consultancy that will improve your capabilities, take you to new markets and engage and acquire players.

Analytics & data at CommerceCentric

Video Games Digital Marketing

The Game Marketer can create a comprehensive user acquisition strategy across search, social and programmatic for both mobile and PC, that targets the right players for your game.

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Video Game Analytics, Tracking & Attribution

Find out the true value of your user acquisition efforts with analytics and attribution.

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China Video Games Marketing

Tap into the worlds biggest gaming market with our comprehensive China Video Games Marketing service. From paid media and social to approvals, entity and localisation.

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