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Ready to take on the world's biggest gaming market? The opportunities are vast but the culture, player journey, Ad formats and shopping style for the China market are all entirely different from the West. We can help you navigate every part of the process and connect a new Chinese audience to your game.

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China Marketing Strategy & Market Research

The Game Marketer can develop a comprehensive China marketing plan for your title and build a full suite of digital marketing and social capabilities to reach your players in China. We can drive real sales across your sites or third parties like WeGame and Steam. We can provide you comprehensive market research specific to your genre and a full audit of your current reach in China.

  • Understand the Chinese Video Games Market
  • Uncover the Main Challenges for Video Games in China
  • Mitigate Risk & Highlight Opportunities
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China Paid Media

The Game Marketer has developed a robust and comprehensive paid media solution for video games marketing in China. We understand the gaming landscape in China and can target players of every type across search, social, video and display. The Game Marketer uses a variety of platforms and solutions to place your ads across inventory from Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent as well as many more. Using our data providers and gaming focused targeting we can get you in front of the relevant players for your game. We have built China digital acquisition strategies for major game titles, targeting specific sites, categories, and audience profiles, as well as producing all localised creatives.

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Data Driven Targeting

We know that gamers are a diverse group and Chinese video gamers are no exception. That is why The Game Marketer has invested in our capability to target specific player niches, sites, social media groups and even locations. We ensure all our campaigns are only going after the video game audiences in China that matter. We then constantly optimise your results to find the right audience.

We can target on mobile and PC across all media and even niche groups like:

  • PC Cafes
  • Gaming Activity
  • Esports
  • KOL (influencer) followers
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China Creative Localization

The culture, player journey, Ad formats and shopping style for the China video games market are all entirely different from the west. The Game Marketer can help you design new creatives for the Chinese audience or localise your current inventories to suit Chinese tastes and Ad formats. We then constantly optimise ads and messaging for maximum performance. We can also develop creative assets for all your social media, localised sites, and official communications. Finally, we work with you to ensure that all creative assets are legally compliant in China.

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China Social Media Management

China is the world’s biggest social media market, but with no Western platforms available it can seem incomprehensible. Chinese gamers spend huge amounts of their non-gaming time on these networks and platforms consuming information on games, esports and streamers. The Game Marketer can help you tap into this market, set up official accounts on the major platforms and create relevant content to engage a new audience of players in China. We offer full China community management to allow for deeper engagement with players as well as connecting with KOL’s. Finally, we combine this with our deep understanding of paid social in China to ensure brand visibility and a constant stream of new interest.

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Approvals, Documents & Licences

Despite increasing economic growth China remains a very regulated market with many layers of approval and processes to deal with. All marketing must be approved for use in the country and even basic social media accounts require official documentation and approval. The Games Marketer can help you navigate the red tape, provide clear communication, and help with all approval processes to get your brand China ready. We can also provide support and advice around site speed, entity, and business licences.

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Case Study: Cities Skylines China

Find out how we helped Cities Skylines build a new Chinese audience, drive real sales and better understand the China video games market.

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Video Games Marketing Solutions

We offer a full suite of video games marketing services and digital consultancy that will improve your capabilities, take you to new markets and engage and acquire players.

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Video Game Analytics, Tracking & Attribution

Understand your players better and uncover which of your channels and campaigns are driving real results. We can help you build a fully transparent and measurable video games marketing model focussed on results.

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Video Game Influencer Amplification

Turn your video game influencer and streamer activity into a full funnel tactic with real tracking and KPI's. Amplify your natural reach to engage more players with rich content and reutilize influencer content for marketing to maximise cost efficiency.

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Video Games Marketing & Strategy

Develop a comprehensive video games marketing strategy, audit your current methodology or simply take your player acquisition to the next level. We can provide the breakthrough thinking you need to succeed and grow your player base.

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