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After spending many years developing mobile games under licence for the likes of Warner Brothers, Pixar and Dreamworks; Playside Studios required help from The Game Marketer to pivot into the early access launch of their own Survival RTS game - Age of Darkness: The Last Stand. We were tasked with creating awareness and excitement for the early access launch of the game and encouraging audiences to wishlist the game.

We acquired over 80 pieces of top tier organic press coverage in addition to exclusive paid placements with major press sites and also generated key awareness from paid media and social media activities. These initiatives went on to generate huge numbers of views for their gameplay trailer (which was scripted by our copywriting experts in conjunction with Playside Studios) enabling playside to exceed their wishlist targets for the game by a considerable margin.

10 M


400 K


75 %

Download Increase

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The Game Marketer Age of Darkness  Case Study

Paid Media

We took a multiple-channel marketing approach to reach the potential audience interested in RTS/ Survival gaming. The challenge from Paid Media point was not only to create awareness and excitement about the game for the upcoming early access launch but also to motivate our audience to Wishlist the game.

For the early access launch, we included a programmatic channel to push mass amplification of early access and alongside pushing conversions. We also engaged paid press options from PCGamesN and Gamereactor.

The Game Marketer Age of Darkness  Case Study

Social Media

We took an Awareness, Consideration and Conversion approach not only to tap the right gaming audience, but also to level up the funnel as we reach early access launch. So, we started our Awareness campaigns on Social Media platforms early, while our Consideration campaigns started a week before from the early access launch to raise awareness and broadcast early access launch.

The Game Marketer Age of Darkness  Case Study

PR & Copywriting

We penned and distributed a press release announcing the  upcoming early access release to over 4000 global targets. This was followed by another press release to support the release of the title’s first gameplay trailer to over 1,500 global targets. Additional individual outreach was conducted to TGM’s press network which garnered coverage from Kotaku, IGN, The Escapist, Gamespot and more.


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